Published: Sep 10, 2022

Generalized Linear Models for Loss Calculation in General Insurance

505-510 Dian Lestari, Raymond Tanujaya, Rahmat Al Kafi, Sindy Devila

A Generalized Form of Power Transformation on Exponential Family of Distribution with Properties and Application

511-535 Seema Chettri, Bhanita Das, Imliyangba Imliyangba, P. J. Hazarika

Expanding the Nadarajah Haghighi Model: Copula, Censored and Uncensored Validation, Characterizations and Applications

537-553 Mohamed Ibrahim, G.G. Hamedani, Nadeem Shafique Butt, Haitham Yousof

Some improvements for existing simple Approximations of the Normal Distribution Function

555-559 Ahmad Hanandeh, Omar M. Eidous

The Effect of Different Similarity Distance Measures in Detecting Outliers Using Single-Linkage Clustering Algorithm for Univariate Circular Biological Data

561-573 Nur Syahirah Zulkipli, Siti Zanariah Satari, Wan Nur Syahidah Wan Yusoff

The Performance of Bayesian Analysis in Structural Equation Modelling to Construct The Health Behaviour During Pandemic COVID-19

575-587 Ferra Yanuar, Aidinil Zetra

Optimization of Backpropagation Using Harmony Search for Gold Price Forecasting

589-599 Yuni Kurniawati, Muhammad Muhajir

A New Compound Lomax Model: Properties, Copulas, Modeling and Risk Analysis Utilizing the Negatively Skewed Insurance Claims Data

601-631 Mohamed S. Hamed, Gauss M. Cordeiro, Haitham M. Yousof

Continuous wavelet estimation for multivariate fractional Brownian motion

633-641 Munaf Y. Hmood, Amjed Hibatallah

The Construction of Some New Quasi Rees Neighbor Designs Using Cyclic Shifts

643-648 Saira Sharif, Rashid Ahmed , Qaiser Mehmood , Muhammad Rizwan Shahid

The Generalized Odd Log-Logistic Fr├ęchet Distribution for Modeling Extreme Values

649-674 Rania Hassan Abd El Khaleq

Bayesian Life Analysis of Generalized Chen's Population Under Progressive Censoring

Generalized Chen's Population Under Progressive Censoring

675-702 Ahmed Elshahhat, Manoj Kumar Rastogi

Alpha Power Exponentiated New Weibull-Pareto Distribution: Its Properties and Applications

703-720 Wedad Aljuhani, Hadeel S. Klakattawi, Lamya A. Baharith

The The Gamma Odd Burr X-G Family of Distributions with Applications

721-746 Bakang Percy Tlhaloganyang, Whatmore, Broderick Oluyede

Remarks on the Papers by Coelho-Barros et al. (2017), Usman et al. (2021) and Obeid and Kadry (2022)

747-748 G.G. Hamedani, I. Ghosh, A. Saghir

A 2-Phase Method for Solving Transportation Problems with Prohibited Routes

749-758 Joseph Ackora Prah, Valentine Acheson, Benedict Barnes, Ishmael Takyi, Emmanuel Owusu-Ansah

Three Parameters Quasi Gamma Distribution and with Properties and Applications

Three Parameters Quasi Gamma Distribution

759-773 Qaisar Rashid, Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Yaseen, Muhammad Uzair, Muhammad Tariq Jamshaid