Published: May 31, 2018

Conditional Inference for the Weibull Extension Model Based on the Generalized Order Statistics

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A Two-Parameter Ratio-Product-Ratio Type Exponential Estimator for Finite Population Mean in Sample Surveys

215-232 Housila P Singh, Anita Yadav

Inference on Constant-Stress Accelerated Life Testing Based on Geometric Process for Extension of the Exponential Distribution under Type-II Progressive Censoring

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A Unified Approach for Generalizing Some Families of Probability Distributions, with Applications to Reliability Theory

253-273 Ahmed A. Fattah, A-Hadi N. Ahmed

Circular Functional Relationship Model with Wrapped Cauchy Errors

275-287 Ali Hassan Abuzaid, Walaa Abu El-laban, Abdul Ghapor Hussin

Comparison of Significant Approaches of Penalized Spline Regression (P-splines)

289-303 Saira Sharif, Shahid Kamal

The Odd Exponentiated Half-Logistic Burr XII Distribution

305-317 Maha Aldahlan, Ahmed Z. Afify

Extended Half-Logistic Distribution with Theory and Lifetime Data Application

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New distributions in designing of double acceptance sampling plan with application

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The Kumaraswamy Weibull Geometric Distribution with Applications

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New Shewhart and EWMA Type Control Charts using Exponential Type Estimator with Two Auxiliary Variables under Two Phase Sampling

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Static Mean-Variance portfolio optimization under general sources of uncertainty

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A New Five - Parameter Lifetime Model: Theory and Applications

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Regression Modeling of Competing Risks Survival Data in the Presence of Covariates Based on a Generalized Weibull Distribution: A Simulation Study

421-433 Soraya Moamer, Ahmad Reza Baghestani, Mohamad Amin Pourhoseingholi

Assessment of a Dietary Consultation Model for Effective Diabetes Care in Saudi Population using Partial Least Squares Estimation

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A General Transmuted Family of Distributions

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