Published: Jun 3, 2022

Paradox in The d-Dimensional Fixed Charge Transportation Problem and Algorithm for Finding The Paradox

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Huber M-estimator for Cumulative Odds Model with Application to the Measurement of Students' Final Exam Grades

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The Exponentiated Generalized Alpha Power Family of Distribution: Properties and Applications

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A New Transmuted Weibull Distribution: Properties and Application

369-381 Aliya Syed Malik, S.P. Ahmad

The Effect Of International Aid On Per Capita Income: A Panel Data Analysis

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The Infinite Divisibility of Compound Negative Binomial Distribution as the Sum of Laplace Distribution

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New Exponential Ratio Estimator in Ranked Set Sampling

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Decomposition Method with Application of Grey Model GM(1,1) for Forecasting Seasonal Time Series

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Mathematical Modeling of Age-Specific Fertility Rates of Nepali Mothers

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The Support Vector Regression Model: A new Improvement for some Data Reduction Methods with Application

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A New Flexible Probability Model: Theory, Estimation and Modeling Bimodal Left Skewed Data

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Spatial-temporal factors affecting monthly rainfall in some Central Asian countries assuming a Weibull regression model

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A New Generalized-X Family of Distributions: Applications, Characterization and a Mixture of Random Effect Models

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