Published: Jun 1, 2017

Type II Half Logistic Family of Distributions with Applications

245-264 Amal Hassan Soliman, Mohammed Abd Ellattif Elgarhy, Mohammed Shakil

On Inference of the Linear Regression Model with Groupwise Heteroscedasticity

265-276 Abdul Majid, Muhammad Aslam, Muhammad Amanullah, Saima Altaf

Transmuted New Generalized Inverse Weibull Distribution

277-296 Muhammad Shuaib Khan, Robert King, Irene Lena Hudson

Restricted Repetitive Sampling in Designing of Control Charts

297-312 Muhammad Anwar Mughal, Muhammad Azam, Muhammad Aslam

The Poisson-G Family of Distributions with Applications

313-326 T. H. M. Abouelmagd, M. S. Hamed, Abd El Hadi N Ebraheim

Bayes Estimation and Prediction under Informative Sampling Design

327-353 Abdulhakeem A.H. Eideh

The Generalized Transmuted Weibull Distribution for Lifetime Data

355-378 Zohdy Mohamed Nofal, Yehia M. El Gebaly

Estimation of population mean and median using double robust truncation based ranked set sampling

379-394 Azhar Mehmood Abbasi, Muhammad Yousaf Shahd

The Transmuted Geometric-Weibull distribution: Properties, Characterizations and Regression Models

395-416 Zohdy M Nofal, Yehia M. El Gebaly, Emrah Altun, Morad Alizadeh, Nadeem Shafique Butt

Circular arc approximation by quartic H-Bézier curve

417-423 Maria Hussain, Wen Eng Ong, Farah Nazir, Malik Zawwar Hussain

An Integrated Fuzzy Dephi and Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy M-Topsis Model for Design Concept Selection

425-438 Daniel Aikhuele, Faiz Turan

Comparison of fractional splines with polynomial splines; An Application on under-five year’s child mortality data in Pakistan (1960-2012)

439-448 Saira Esar Esar, Shahid Kamal Kamal, Rehan Ahmad Khan Sherwani

Confidence Intervals for the Reciprocal of a Normal Mean with a Known Coefficient of Variation and a Restricted Parameter Space

449-461 Wararit Panichkitkosolkul

Impact of Child’s Cancer on Family Life Case Study: Children with Cancer Newly admitted to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), Cairo University

463-482 Nevein Nagy, Mohamed Mostafe, Hesham Makhlof, Manar Moneer, Wael Zekry