Published: Sep 3, 2021

A Study on Moments of Dual Generalized Order Statistics from Exponentiated Generalized Class of Distributions

531-544 Haseeb Athar, Yousef F. Alharbi, Mohamad A. Fawzy

The Type I Quasi Lambert Family

545-558 G. G. Hamedani, Mustafa C Korkmaz, Nadeem Shafique Butt, Haitham M. Yousof

An interval type-2 fuzzy TOPSIS for MAGDM applied to solar power systems

559-575 Iman Mohamad Sharaf

Different Distributional Errors-in-Circular-Variables Models

577-589 ALi Hassan Abuzaid, Shokrya Alshqaq, Marawan Elkhazendar , Maryam Elburai

A competing risks cure frailty model: An application to relapse-free survival of breast cancer patients

591-605 Vahid Ghavami, Mahmood Mahmoudi, Abbas Rahimi Foroushani, Hossein Baghishani, Mehdi Yaseri, Fatemeh Homaei Shandiz

New Control Charts for a Multivariate Gamma Distribution

607-614 Hamzeh Torabi, Shohreh Enami, STA Niaki

A Modified Chi-square Type Test Statistic for the Double Burr X Model with Applications to Right Censored Medical and Reliability Data

615-623 Khaoula Aidi, Nadeem Shafique Butt, Mir Masoom Ali, Mohamed Ibrahim, Haitham M. Yousof, Wahid A. M. Shehata

Reliability Analysis of Two Unit Standby Model with Controlled and Uncontrolled Failure of Unit and Replacement Facility Available in the System

625-632 Nafeesa Bashir, JPS Joorel, T R Jan

Assessing the Lifetime Performance Index of Burr Type III Distribution under Progressive Type II Censoring

Assessing the Lifetime Performance Index of Burr Type III Distribution under Progressive Censoring

633-647 Amal Hassan, Salwa Assar, Amany Selmy

The four-parameter exponentiated Weibull model with Copula, properties and real data modeling.

649-667 Wahid Shehata, Haitham M. Yousof

Efficient Model Selection for Moisture Ratio Removal of Seaweed Using Hybrid Of Sparse And Robust Regression Analysis

Efficient Model Selection for Moisture Ratio Removal of Seaweed

669-681 Anam Javaid, Mohd. Tahir Ismail, M.K.M. Ali

Optimal Plan and Estimation for Bivariate Step-Stress Accelerated Life Test under Progressive Type-I Censoring

683-694 Mashroor Ahmad Khan, Navin Chandra

Nadarajah-Haghighi Model for Survival Data With Long Term Survivors in the Presence of Right Censored Data

695-709 Umar Usman, Shamsuddeen Suleiman, Bello Magaji Arkilla, Yakubu Aliyu

On shrinkage estimators improving the James-Stein estimator under balanced loss function

711-727 Abdenour Hamdaoui, Mekki Terbeche, Abdelkader Benkhaled

Reliability Estimation in a Rayleigh Pareto Model with Progressively Type-II Right Censored Data

729-743 Assia Chadli, Sara Kermoune

Marshall-Olkin Alpha Power Rayleigh Distribution: Properties, Characterizations, Estimation and Engineering applications

745-760 Ehab Mohamed Almetwally, Ahmed Z. Afify, G. G. Hamedani

A powerful goodness-of-fit test for Lindley distribution with application to real data

761-769 Hadi Alizadeh Noughabi