Published: Jun 5, 2020

Performance of the Hybrid Approach based on Rough Set Theory

217-224 Betul Kan Kilinc, Yonca YAZIRLI

The Weighted Power Lindley Distribution with Applications on the Life Time Data

225-237 Aafaq A. Rather, Gamze Özel

On Bayesian estimation of step stress accelerated life testing for exponentiated Lomax distribution based on censored samples

239-248 Refah Mohamed Alotaibi, Hoda Ragab Rezk

The four-parameter Fréchet distribution: Properties and applications

249-264 Mohamed Hamed, Fahad Aldossary, Ahmed Z. Afify

Associated Factors of Cardiovascular Diseases in Pakistan: Assessment of Path Analyses Using Warp Partial Least Squares Estimation

265-277 Mirza Rizwan Sajid, Noryanti Muhammad, Roslinazairimah Zakaria, Ahmad Shahbaz, Ahmad Nauman

A General Base of Power Transformation to Improve the Boundary Effect in Kernel Density without Shoulder Condition

279-285 Baker Ishaq Albadareen, Noriszura Ismail

Sustainable Survival Pyramid Model to Balance Four Factors of Cost, Quality, Risk and Time Limitation in Project Management under Uncertainty

287-294 Mehdi Safaei

Joint Modeling of a Longitudinal Measurement and Parametric Survival Data with Application to Primary Biliary Cirrhosis Study

295-304 Elif Dil, Duru Karasoy

Some New Goodness-of-fit Tests for Rayleigh Distribution

305-315 Seyed Mahdi Amir Jahanshahi, Arezo Habibi Rad, Vahid Fakoor

Two-Echelon Supply Chain Model with Demand Dependent On Price, Promotional Effort and Service Level in Crisp and Fuzzy Environments

317-329 Sahidul Islam, Sayan Chandra Deb

The Marshall-Olkin Extended Power Lomax Distribution with Applications

331-341 JIJU GILLARIOSE, Lishamol Tomy

The Poisson Topp Leone Generator of Distributions for Lifetime Data: Theory, Characterizations and Applications

343-355 Faton Merovci, Haitham Yousof, G. G Hamedani

Bayesian Estimation and Prediction Based on Progressively First Failure Censored Scheme from a Mixture of Weibull and Lomax Distributions

357-372 Mohamed M. Mahmoud, Manal Mohamed Nassar, Marwa Ahmed Aefa

A Generalization of Reciprocal Exponential Model: Clayton Copula, Statistical Properties and Modeling Skewed and Symmetric Real Data Sets

A Generalization of Reciprocal Exponential Model

373-386 M. M. Mansour, Nadeem Shafique Butt, Haitham Yousof, S. I. Ansari, Mohamed Ibrahim

Permutation Tests for Two-sample Location Problem Under Extreme Ranked Set Sampling

387-408 Monjed H. Samuh, Ridwan A. Sanusi