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In this paper, we proposed a new generalized family of distribution namely new alpha power Exponential (NAPE) distribution based on the new alpha power transformation (NAPT) method by Elbatal et al. (2019). Various statistical properties of the proposed distribution are obtained including moment, incomplete moment, conditional moment, probability weighted moments (PWMs), quantile function, residual and reversed residual lifetime function, stress-strength parameter, entropy and order statistics. The percentage point of NAPE distribution for some specific values of the parameters is also obtained. The method of maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) has been used for estimating the parameters of NAPE distribution. A simulation study has been performed to evaluate and execute the behavior of the estimated parameters for mean square errors (MSEs) and bias.  Finally, the efficiency and flexibility of the new proposed model are illustrated by analyzing three real-life data sets.


Alpha Power Exponential distribution Statistical Properties Parameter Estimation Simulation

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Chettri, S., Das, B., Imliyangba, I., & Hazarika, P. J. (2022). A Generalized Form of Power Transformation on Exponential Family of Distribution with Properties and Application. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 18(3), 511-535.


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