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In this paper, we have proposed a new version of power lindley distribution known as weighted power lindley distribution. The different structural properties of the newly model have been studied. The maximum likelihood estimators of the parameters and the Fishers information matrix have been discussed. It also provides more flexibility to analyze complex real data sets.  An application of the model to a real data set is analyzed using the new distribution, which shows that the weighted power Lindley distribution can be used quite effectively in analyzing real lifetime data.


Weighted distribution power lindley distribution Reliability analysis Maximum likelihood estimator Order statistics Entropies Likelihood ratio test.

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Gamze Özel, Department of Statistics, Hacettepe University

Department of Statistics

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Rather, A. A., & Özel, G. (2020). The Weighted Power Lindley Distribution with Applications on the Life Time Data. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 16(2), 225-237.


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