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In this paper, the geometric process is introduced as a constant-stress accelerated model to analyze a series of life data that obtained from several increasing stress levels. The geometric process (GP) model is assumed when the lifetime of test units follows an extension of the exponential distribution. Based on progressive censoring, the maximum likelihood estimates (MLEs) and Bayes estimates (BEs) of the model parameters are obtained. Moreover, a real dataset is analyzed to illustrate the proposed procedures. In addition, the approximate, bootstrap and credible confidence intervals (CIs) of the estimators are constructed. Finally, simulation studies are carried out to investigate the precision of the MLEs and BEs for the parameters involved.


Geometric process Accelerated life testing Progressive censoring Bayes estimation Extension of the exponential distribution Bootstrap confidence interval Credible confidence interval Simulation study.

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Mohamed, A. E.-R., Abu-Youssef, S. E., Ali, N. S. A., & El-Raheem, A. M. A. (2018). Inference on Constant-Stress Accelerated Life Testing Based on Geometric Process for Extension of the Exponential Distribution under Type-II Progressive Censoring. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 14(2), 233-251.