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In this paper, acceptance sampling plans as, double for the lifetime tests is truncated at pre-fixed time to determine on acceptance or rejection of the submitted lots are provided. The probability distributions of the lifetime of the product are determined based on three distributions: generalized inverse Weibull, skew-generalized inverse Weibull and compound inverse Rayleigh. The median lifetime of the test unit as the quality parameter is considered. The minimum sample sizes to assure that the actual median life is more than the specified life, OC values according to different quality levels and the minimum ratios of the actual median life to the specified life at the determined level of producer's risk for acceptance sampling plans are obtained. Numerical cases are introduced to illustrate the applications of acceptance sampling plans.   


Double sampling plan Generalized inverse Weibull distribution Skew-generalized inverse Weibull distribution Compound inverse Rayleigh truncated life test Operating characteristic functions producer's risk.

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Mahdy, M., & Ahmed, B. (2018). New distributions in designing of double acceptance sampling plan with application. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 14(2), 333-346.