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‎In this work‎, ‎we study the kumaraswamy weibull geometric ($Kw-WG$) distribution which includes as special cases‎, ‎several models such as the kumaraswamy weibull distribution‎, ‎kumaraswamy exponential distribution‎, ‎weibull geometric distribution‎, ‎exponential geometric distribution‎, ‎to name a few‎. ‎This distribution was monotone and non-monotone hazard rate functions‎, ‎which are useful in lifetime data analysis and reliability‎. ‎We derive some basic properties of the $Kw-WG$ distribution including noncentral $r$th‎-moments, ‎skewness‎, ‎kurtosis‎, ‎generating functions‎, ‎mean deviations‎, ‎mean residual life‎, ‎entropy‎, ‎order statistics and certain characterizations of our distribution‎. ‎The method of maximum likelihood is used for estimating the model parameters and a simulation study to investigate the behavior of this estimation is presented‎. ‎Finally‎, ‎an application of the new distribution and its comparison with recent flexible generalization of weibull distribution is illustrated via two real data sets‎.


‎Weibull Geometric distribution Data Analysis Moments Entropy Characterizations

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Mahdi Rasekhi, Malayer University

department of statistics, Assistant of professor

Morad Alizadeh, Persian Gulf University

Department of statistics, Assistant of professor

G.G. Hamedani, Marquette University

Department of Mathematics and statistics, professor
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Rasekhi, M., Alizadeh, M., & Hamedani, G. (2018). The Kumaraswamy Weibull Geometric Distribution with Applications. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 14(2), 347-366.