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Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research started in 2005 with the aim to promote and share scientific developments in the subject of statistics and its allied fields. Initially, PJSOR was a bi-annually double-blinded peer-reviewed publication containing articles about Statistics, Data Analysis, Teaching Methods, Operational Research, Actuarial Statistics, and application of statistical methods in a variety of disciplines. Because of the increasing submission rate, the editorial board of PJSOR decided to publish it on a quarterly basis from 2012. Brief chronicles are overseen by an Editorial Board comprised of academicians and scholars. We welcome you to submit your research for possible publication in PJSOR through our online submission system. Publishing in PJSOR is absolutely free of charge (No Article Processing Charges).
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Nov 19, 2021


Papers are invited for submission to PJSOR: Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research. PJSOR is a peer-reviewed journal, published four times a year. PJSOR publishes refereed research articles and studies that describe the latest research and developments in the area of statistics, operation research and actuarial statistics.

PJSOR will publish papers describing recent research advances. The papers will be electronically available as soon as they are ready for publication, and freely accessible to all. They subsequently will appear in the paper version of the journal. Publication is free of charge, and each author will receive a free copy of the issue of the journal in which the paper is published.

Articles will be evaluated anonymously by at least two reviewers. The Editorial Board will make final decisions regarding acceptance or rejection of articles after reviews have been received, and at least a month after receipt of the manuscript. Authors submitting manuscripts should submit articles through PJSOR website ( by registering with PJSOR.

You are also encouraged to register your name in the reviewer database for Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research by visiting . This does not entail any form of commitment on your part, but simply enables us to approach you with a submission to possibly review. On being invited to review, you will have an opportunity to see the title and abstract of the paper, and you'll always be in a position to accept or decline the review invitation. You can also ask at any point to have your name removed from this reviewer list.

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Vol. 18 No. 4, 2022

Published: Dec 6, 2022

Bayesian bivariate spatial shared component model: mapping breast and cervical cancer mortality in Southern Brazil

775-788 Edson Zangiacomi Martinez, Diego Gafuri Silva, Larissa Intrebartoli Resende, Elisangela Aparecida da Silva Lizzi, Jorge Alberto Achcar

Characterizations of Fourteen (2021-2022) Proposed Discrete Distributions

789-816 G.G. Hamedani, Amin Roshani

The Topp-Leone Extended Exponential Distribution: Statistical properties, different estimation methods and applications to life time data

817-836 Khaoula Aidi, Nacira Seddik-Ameur, Abdelbaset Ahmed, Mundher A. Khaleel

Estimation of Multicomponent Stress-strength Reliability under Inverse Topp-Leone Distribution

837-852 Hossein Pasha-Zanoosi

Bayesian Inference of Triple Seasonal Autoregressive Models

853-865 Ayman Amin

f-divergence regression models for compositional data

867-882 Abdulaziz Ahmed Alenazi

Odd Lomax Generalized Exponential Distribution: Application to Engineering and COVID-19 data

883-900 Laxmi Prasad Sapkota, Vijay Kumar

The Double Burr Type XII Model: Censored and Uncensored Validation Using a New Nikulin-Rao-Robson Goodness-of-Fit Test with Bayesian and Non-Bayesian Estimation Methods

901-927 Mohamed Ibrahim, M. Masoom Ali, Hafida Goual, Haitham Yousof

Integration of 4253HT Smoother with Intuitionistic Fuzzy Time Series Forecasting Model

929-941 NIK Muhammad Farhan Alam, Nazirah Ramli, Adie Safian Ton Mohamed, Noor Izyan Mohamad Adnan

I-optimal Designs for three and four component mixture models in orthogonal blocks

943-954 Taha Hasan, Syed Adil Hussain

A new Jackknifing ridge estimator for logistic regression model

955-961 Zakariya Y Algamal, Nawal Hammood

The Type II Quasi Lambert Family

963-983 G.G. Hamedani, Mustafa C Korkmaz, Nadeem Shafique Butt, Haitham M. Yousof

Modified Regression Estimators for Improving Mean Estimation -Poisson Regression Approach

985-994 Zakir Hussain Wani Jana, S.E.H. Rizvi , Manish Sharma, M. Iqbal Jeelani Bhat , Saqib Mushtaq

Amputated Life Testing for Weibull-Fréchet Percentiles: Single, Double and Multiple Group Sampling Inspection Plans with Applications

995-1013 Basma Ahmed, Christophe Chesneau, M. Masoom Ali, Haitham M. Yousof

An Intelligent Hybrid Model Using Artificial Neural Networks and Particle Swarm Optimization Technique For Financial Crisis Prediction

1015-1025 Maryam Maryam, Dimas, Muhibah Fata Tika, Fitri Cahya Kusumawati

Bayesian Estimation of Transmuted Lomax Mixture Model with an Application to Type-I Censored Windshield Data

1027-1048 Muntazir Mehdi, Muhammad Aslam, Navid Feroze

A New Weighted-Lindley Distribution: Properties, Classical and Bayesian Estimation with an Application

1049-1066 Bistoon Hosseini, Morad Alizadeh, Ahmed Afify
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