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In this paper, we introduce the Marshall–Olkin Pareto type-I (MOPTI) distribution. Structural properties of the MOPTI distribution including the quantile function, mean residual life, and a new theorem for strength-stress measure are introduced. Five methods of estimation for the MOPTI parameters based on complete samples are presented. Furthermore, we explore the estimation of the MOPTI parameters under type-I and type-II censoring. Two Monte Carlo simulation studies are conducted to evaluate the performance of the estimation methods under complete and censored samples. A real-life data set is used to validate the proposed methods.


Pareto Type-I distribuition Marshall-Olkin family Strength-stress measure simulation type-II censoring

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Aldahlan, M. A., Rabie, A. M., Abdelhamid, M., Ahmed, A. H. N., & Afify, A. Z. (2023). The Marshall–Olkin Pareto Type-I Distribution: Properties, Inference under Complete and Censored Samples with Application to Breast Cancer Data. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 19(4), 603-622.


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