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In this paper, a three parameters generalization of the power Lindley distribution is introduced. This includes as special cases the power Lindley and Lindley distribution.The new distribution exhibits decreasing, increasing and bathtub hazard rate depending on its parameters. Several statistical properties of the distribution are explored. Then, a bivariate version of the proposed distribution is derived. Finally, three real data applications illustrate the performance of our proposed distribution.


Characterizations generalized power Lindley distribution Stacy gamma distribution hazard rate function stochastic order mean resudual life AIC BIC CAIC HQIC

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Torabi, H., Baghaeipoor, M., Montazeri, N., & Hamedani, G. (2018). A generalized power Lindley distribution: model, properties and applications. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 14(3), 523-540.