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Almost all available statistical packages are capable of performing Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) from raw data. Some of statistical packages have capability to perform independent sample t-test, and some other tests of significance on summary data, but seldom would you come across a software that has the capability to perform ANOVA directly on summary data. However some packages can perform one-way ANOVA after generating surrogate data from summary statistics. In this short note we have given STATA program to perform one-way ANOVA on summary data; in addition this program also performs Bartllet’s tests of equality of variances. The idea can be extended to two-way and higher way ANOVA’s. Examples have been given for illustration.


ANOVA Summary Data

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Butt, N. S., Kamal, S., & Shahbaz, M. Q. (2006). ANOVA with Summary Statistics: A STATA Macro. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 2(1), 57-62.

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