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The paper is concerned with the preference of prior for the Bayesian analysis of the shape parameter of the mixture of Burr type X distribution using the censored data. We modeled the heterogeneous population using two components mixture of the Burr type X distribution. A comprehensive simulation scheme, through probabilistic mixing, has been followed to highlight the properties and behavior of the estimates in terms of sample size, corresponding risks and the proportion of the component of the mixture. The Bayes estimators of the parameters have been evaluated under the assumption of informative and non-informative priors using symmetric and asymmetric loss functions. The model selection criterion for the preference of the prior has been introduced. The hazard rate function of the mixture distribution has been discussed. The Bayes estimates under exponential prior and precautionary loss function exhibit the minimum posterior risks with some exceptions.

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Sindhu, T. N., feroze, navid, & Aslam, M. (2014). PREFERENCE OF PRIOR FOR BAYESIAN ANALYSIS OF THE MIXED BURR TYPE X DISTRIBUTION UNDER TYPE I CENSORED SAMPLES. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 10(1), 17-39.

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