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This study deals with Bayesian analysis of shifted Gompertz mixture model under type-I censored samples assuming both informative and noninformative priors. We have discussed the Bayesian estimation of parameters of shifted Gompertz mixture model under the uniform, and gamma priors assuming three loss functions. Further, some properties of the model with some graphs of the mixture density are discussed. These properties include Bayes estimators, posterior risks and reliability function under simulation scheme. Bayes estimates are obtained considering two cases: (a) when the shape parameter is known and (b) when all parameters are unknown. We analyzed some simulated sets in order to investigate the effect of prior belief, loss functions, and performance of the proposed set of estimators of the mixture model parameters.



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Sindhu, T. N., Aslam, M., & Shafiq, A. (2017). Bayesian Analysis of two Censored Shifted Gompertz Mixture Distributions using Informative and Noninformative Priors. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 13(1), 227-243.