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In this paper, separate and combined ratio type estimators have been proposed in presence of non-response for estimating the population mean under stratified random sampling when the non-response occurs both on study and the auxiliary variables and the population mean of the auxiliary variable is unknown. The expressions for the biases and mean square errors (MSEs) of the proposed estimators have been derived to the first order of approximation. The proposed estimators have been compared with the other existing estimators using MSE criterion, and the condition under which the proposed estimators perform better than existing estimators have been obtained. In addition to the theoretical research, an empirical study was conducted.


Non-response Double sampling Separate and Combined estimators Bias Mean square error Relative efficiency

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jana, Z. H. W., & S.E.H.Rizvi. (2023). Assessing the Effect of Non-response in Stratified Random Sampling using Enhanced Ratio Type Estimators under Double Sampling Strategy. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 19(3), 459-473.

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