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This article comprises the questionnaire/interview survey of 320 patients and their parent’s conducted in Peshawar, Pakistan to study the literacy of thalassaemia among parents and the severity of thalassaemia on different social aspects. Parent’s educations were strongly linked to cure that disease specially the test (during pregnancy). The majority of parent’s were illiterate and were also against the family planning. Inter family marriages was also one of the main reason of the disease among these patient’s. 56.9% of the patient parents were first cousins while only 1.3% of the patients were matriculate. In the social factors, their average family income was very less as compared to the family members and the expenditure of the treatment. It was also found that the disease was more common in positive blood groups. To coup with the situation, efforts to increase the literacy rate and awareness of the disease are urgently required.

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Zaman, Q., & Salahuddin, M. (2006). Association between the Education and Thalassaemia: A Statistical Study. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 2(2), 103-110.