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We introduce in this paper a new six-parameters generalized version of the generalized linear failure rate (GLFR) distribution which is called McDonald Generalized Linear failure rate (McGLFR) distribution. The new distribution is quite flexible and can be used effectively in modeling survival data and reliability problems. It can have a constant, decreasing, increasing, and upside down bathtub-and bathtub shaped failure rate function depending on its parameters. It includes some well-known lifetime distributions as special sub-models. Some structural properties of the new distribution are studied. Moreover we discuss maximum likelihood estimation of the unknown parameters of the new model.


Generalized Linear Failure Rate Moment generating function Moments Maximum likelihood estimation.

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Ibrahim Elbatal

Professor of Mathematical Statistics Department
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Elbatal, I., Merovci, F., & Marzouk, W. (2014). McDonald Generalized Linear Failure Rate Distribution. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 10(3), 267-288.