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The Kumaraswamy distribution is an important probability distribution used to model several hydrological problems as well as various natural phenomena whose process values are bounded on both sides. In this paper, we introduce a new family of inverse Kumaraswamy distribution and then explore its statistical properties. Conventional maximum likelihood estimators are considered for the parameters of this distribution and estimation based on dual generalized order statistics is outlined. A particular sub-model of this family; namely, the inverse Kumaraswamy- Weibull distribution is considered and some of its statistical properties are obtained. Estimation efficiency is numerically evaluated via a simulation study and two real-data applications of the proposed distribution are provided as well.


Inverse Kumaraswamy distribution Weibull distribution Maximum Likelihood Estimation Dual Generalized Order Statistics Least-Square Estimation

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Daghistani, A. M., Al-Zahrani, B., & Shahbaz, M. Q. (2023). A New Inverse Kumaraswamy Family of Distributions: Properties and Application. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 19(2), 313-326.


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