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The Open Unemployment Level (OUL) is the percentage of the unemployed to the total labor force. One of the provinces with the highest OUL score in Indonesia is West Java Province. If an object of observation is affected by spatial effects, namely spatial dependence and spatial diversity, then the regression model used is the Spatial Autoregressive (SAR) model. Quantile regression minimizes absolute weighted residuals that are not symmetrical. It is perfect for use on data distribution that is not normally distributed, dense at the ends of the data distribution, or there are outliers. The Spatial Autoregressive Quantile Regression (SARQR) is a model that combines spatial autoregressive models with quantile regression. This research used the data regarding OUR in West Java in 2020 from the Central Bureau of Statistics. This study compares the estimation results based on SAR and SARQR models to obtain an acceptable model. In this study, it was found that the SARQR model is better than SAR at dealing with the problems of dependency and diversity in spatial data modeling and is not easily affected by the presence of outlier data.


Open Unemployment Level (OUL) Spatial effects ; SAR ; SARQR; Outlier

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Yanuar, F., Abrari, T., & HG, I. R. (2023). The Construction of Unemployment Rate Model Using SAR, Quantile Regression, and SARQR Model. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 19(3), 447-458.

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