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Time series are essential for anticipating various claims payment applications. For insurance firms to prevent significant losses brought on by potential future claims, the future values of predicted claims are crucial. Additionally, the ideal parameter is chosen artificially. By using a genuine application, the proposed model’s utility is demonstrated. Additionally, the ideal parameter is chosen artificially. By using a genuine application, the proposed model's utility is demonstrated. Also, the single exponential smoothing model is used for prediction under the Holt-Winters’ additive algorithm.


Exponential smoothing Claims data Cullen-Frey Holt-Winters’ additive algorithm Insurance data Residuals analysis Forecasting

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Salem, M., & Khalil, M. G. (2023). Short-Term Insurance Claims Payments Forecasting with Holt-Winter Filtering and Residual Analysis. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 19(1), 167-186.


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