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The main motivation of this paper is to show how the different frequentist estimators of the new distribution perform for different sample sizes and different parameter values and to raise a guideline in choosing the best estimation method for the new model. The unknown parameters of the new distribution are estimated using the maximum likelihood method, ordinary least squares method, weighted least squares method, Cramer-Von-Mises method and Bayesian method. The obtained estimators are compared using Markov Chain Monte Carlo simulations and we observed that Bayesian estimators are more efficient compared to other the estimators.


Different Method of Estimations Markov Chain Monte Carlo Simulations Clayton Copula Bayesian Estimation Farlie Gumbel Morgenstern Copula Renyi's entropy Copula

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Ibrahim, M., Mohammed, W., & Yousof, H. M. (2020). Bayesian and Classical Estimation for the One Parameter Double Lindley Model. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 16(3), 409-420.


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