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This study discusses quality practices in Pakistani Petrochemical sector to understand TQM practices and their implementation in Pakistan. It helps to understand the role of leadership, vision & plan statement, employee participation and education & training as important constructs of TQM. It shows how these constructs help to speed up the TQM implementation in petrochemical sector like other constructs of TQM and finally company moves towards quality approach. The responses of executives, managerial staff and workers were received using questionnaire and online surveys which are sent through Google Drive. Data of 106 respondents was taken in this study and analyzed by SPSS18. Study shows that Total Quality Management culture is less understood by employees, thus less adopted and implemented in Pakistan. Petrochemical companies fail to adopt the TQM philosophy and processes, hence reducing productivity and profits. This research paper is very helpful for executives for TQM implementation in petrochemical sector.


Education Implementation Leadership Petrochemical Pakistan TQM.

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Yasir Latif, IBM UET Lahore.

MS MGT Student at IBM UET Lahore.
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Latif, Y., Fiaz, M., & Shoaib, M. (2014). Important TQM Implementation Contributors in Pakistani Petrochemical Sector. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 10(3), 331-348.