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            A competing risks model based on exponential distribution is considered under adaptive type-I progressive hybrid censoring scheme. We investigate the maximum likelihood estimation and Bayesian estimation for the distribution parameter. The Bayes estimate of the unknown parameter is obtained based on squared error and LINEX loss functions under the assumption of gamma prior. The asymptotic confidence intervals, the Bayes credible intervals and two parametric bootstrap confidence intervals are also proposed. To evaluate the performance of the estimators, a simulation study is carried out.


Competing risks Adaptive type-I progressive hybrid censoring Exponential distribution Maximum likelihood estimation Bayesian estimation Bootstrap confidence intervals.

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Nassar, M. mohammed, & ashour, samir kamel. (2014). Analysis of Exponential Distribution Under Adaptive Type-I Progressive Hybrid Censored Competing Risks Data. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 10(2), 229-245.

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