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Ranking options has always been the main issue for managers. There are a lot of qualitative and quantitative approaches for ranking. However most of the approaches for separating and ranking corporations in stock market are less reliable and the results obtained will be invalid. While the evaluation obtained merely through qualitative or quantitative approaches alone, the advantages of integration will be ignored. Thus logically the efficiency of result will be questionable. Thus in this paper the advantages of qualitative and quantitative approaches are integrated which in turn bring about more precision in values of input and output indices. Hence in this paper the approaches, TOPSIS & DEA, have been introduced to rate active companies in cement industry accepted in Tehran stock market. The approach adopted in this paper is applicable and carried out during 2006-2011 and the population of the research includes accepted companies in stock market in cement industry (28 companies) and at the end a precise ranking of the companies is presented by integrattive techniques.


ranking companies cement industry DEA model TOPSIS model

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Mansory, A., Ebrahimi, N., & Ramazani, M. (2014). Ranking of Companies based on TOPSIS-DEA Approach Methods (Case Study of Cement Industry in Tehran Stock Exchange). Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 10(2), 189-204.