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In the present paper, we have considered the allocation problem of repairable components for a parallel-series system as a multi-objective optimization problem and have discussed two different models. In first model the reliability of subsystems are considered as different objectives. In second model the cost and time spent on repairing the components are considered as two different objectives. These two models is formulated as multi-objective Nonlinear Programming Problem (MONLPP) and a Fuzzy goal programming method is used to work out the compromise allocation in multi-objective selective maintenance reliability model in which we define the membership functions of each objective function and then transform membership functions into equivalent linear membership functions by first order Taylor series and finally by forming a fuzzy goal programming model obtain a desired compromise allocation of maintenance components. A numerical example is also worked out to illustrate the computational details of the method. 


Reliability Fuzzy Goal Programming Compromise allocation Selective Maintenance Multi-objective programming

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Irfan Ali, Deptt. of statistics & O.R. Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh-202002 (India)

Deptt. of statistics & O.R. Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh-202002 (India)
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Gupta, N., Ali, I., & Bari, A. (2013). Fuzzy Goal Programming Approach in Selective Maintenance Reliability Model. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 9(3), 321-331.