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New estimators for estimating the finite population mean using two auxiliary variables under simple and stratified sampling design is proposed. Their properties (e.g., mean square error) are studied to the first order of approximation. More so, some estimators are shown to be a particular member of this estimator. Furthermore, comparison of the proposed estimator with the usual unbiased estimator and other estimators considered in this paper reveals interesting results. These results are further supported with an empirical study using four natural data from literature.


auxiliary variable mean square error ratio-cum-product estimator simple random sampling stratified sampling

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Yunusa Olufadi, Department of Statistics and Mathematical Sciences Kwara State University, Malete, Nigeria

Statistics and Mathematical sciences

Assistant Lecturer

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Olufadi, Y. (2013). Dual to Ratio-Cum-Product Estimator in Simple and Stratified Random Sampling. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 9(3), 305-319.