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In this paper, an EPQ model for items that exhibit delay in deterioration is developed. It is assumed that there is no demand and no deterioration during production buildup period. Demand starts immediately after production but no deterioration. Then a period of deterioration sets in until the stock finishes. It is also supposed that the cost of a unit product is inversely related to the rate of demand and directly related to the process reliability (as assumed by Tripathy et al. (2015) and modified by Dari and Sani (2015)). The demand before deterioration sets in is quadratic time dependent while demand after deterioration sets in is a constant. Shortages are allowed and partially backordered.  A numerical model is given to compare the simulation model and the statistical analysis conducted on the model to see the effect of measurement changes in other system parameters.


Delayed deterioration reliability consideration quadratic demand shortages

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Sani, D. (2023). An EPQ Model for Delayed Deteriorating Items with Reliability Consideration, Quadratic Demand and Shortages. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 19(3), 475-489.