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As we mentioned in our previous works, sometimes in real life cases, it is very difficult to obtain samples from a continuous distribution. The observed values are generally discrete due to the fact that they are not measured in continuum. In some cases, it may be possible to measure the observations via a continuous scale, however, they may be recorded in a manner in which a discrete model seems more suitable. Consequently, the discrete models are appearing quite frequently in applied fields and have attracted the attention of many researchers.

Characterizations of distributions are important to many researchers in the applied fields. An investigator will be vitally interested to know if their model fits the requirements of a particular distribution. To this end, one will depend on the characterizations of this distribution which provide conditions under which the underlying distribution is indeed that particular distribution. Here, we present certain characterizations of 14 recently introduced discrete distributions.


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Hamedani, G., & Roshani, A. (2022). Characterizations of Fourteen (2021-2022) Proposed Discrete Distributions. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 18(4), 789-816.


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