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This paper considers a new family of the trimodal skew logistic distributions. Some properties of this distribution, including moments, moments generating function, entropy, maximum likelihood estimates of parameters and some other properties, are presented. A simulation study is conducted to examine the performance of the parameters. Numerical optimization is carried out via two real-life datasets. Results show that the new distribution is better fitted in terms of these datasets among logistic, skew logistic and alpha skew logistic distributions based on the value of AIC and BIC.


Tri-modal distribution logistic distribution skews logistic distribution maximum likelihood estimation

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Pathak, D., Hazarika, P. J., Chakraborty, S., Das, J., & Hamedani, G. G. (2023). Modeling Tri-Model Data With a New Skew Logistic Distribution. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 19(3), 585-602.

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