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In this paper we extend autoregressive models to fit time series that have three layers of seasonality, i.e. triple seasonal autoregressive (TSAR) models, and we introduce the Bayesian inference for these TSAR models. Assuming the TSAR model errors are normally distributed and employing three priors, i.e. Jeffreys', g, and normal-gamma priors, on the model parameters, we derive the marginal posterior distributions of the TSAR model parameters. In particular, we show that the marginal posterior distributions to be multivariate t and gamma distributions for the model coefficients and precision, respectively. We evaluate the efficiency of the proposed Bayesian inference using simulation study, and we then apply it to real-world hourly electricity load time series datasets in six European countries.


TSAR models Posterior analysis Multiple seasonality Hourly electricity load

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Amin, A. (2022). Bayesian Inference of Triple Seasonal Autoregressive Models. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 18(4), 853-865.