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In this paper we proposed Bayes estimators for complete sample of the Modified Inverse
Rayleigh (MIR) parameters which was introduced by Khan (2014). Different approximation
methods with squared error loss function (SELF) have been used to develop the bayes
estimators for the unknown parameters. The proposed estimators are compared with the corresponding
maximum likelihood estimators by simulation study on the basis of mean square
error (MSE). To illustrate the usefulness and goodness of fit of Modified Inverse Rayleigh
distribution we considered two real data sets.


Modified Inverse Rayleigh Distribution Maximum likelihood estimation Lindleys Approximation T-K Approximation MCMC

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Taufique, M., Bashir, N., Saud, N., & Farooq, M. (2021). Bayes Estimation of the Modified Inverse Rayleigh Parameters Under Various Approximation Techniques. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 17(1), 247-263.

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