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This paper proposes a new probability distribution, which belongs a member of the exponential family, defined on (0,1) unit interval. The new unit model has been defined by relation of a random variable defined on unbounded interval with respect to standard logistic function. Some basic statistical properties of newly defined distribution are derived and studied. The different estimation methods and some inferences for the model parameters have been derived. We assess the performance of the estimators of these estimation methods based on the three different simulation scenarios. The analysis of three real data examples which one is related to the coronavirus data, show better fit of proposed distribution than many known distributions on the unit interval under some comparing criteria.


Unit distribution Johnson's distributions estimation beta distribution exponential family coronavirus data COVID-19 recovery rate burr modeling

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Gündüz, S., & Korkmaz, M. Ç. (2020). A New Unit Distribution Based On The Unbounded Johnson Distribution Rule: The Unit Johnson SU Distribution. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 16(3), 471-490.


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