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Abstract: A new extension of the reciprocal Rayleigh distribution is introduced. Simple type copula-based construction is presented for deriving and many bivariate and multivariate type distributions of the reciprocal Rayleigh model. The new reciprocal Rayleigh model generalizes another three reciprocal Rayleigh distributions. The performance of the estimation method is assessed using a graphical simulation study. The new model is better than some other important competitive models in modeling different real data sets.


Reciprocal Rayleigh Distribution Clayton Copula Morgenstern Family Moments Estimation Odd Log-Logistic Family Graphical Simulation

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Hoda Ragab Rezk, AL-Azhar University

mathematical statistics
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Rezk, H. R. (2020). Extended Reciprocal Rayleigh Distribution: Copula, Properties and Real Data Modeling. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 16(1), 35-52.