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In this Paper, we have introduced a new version of new quasi lindley distribution known as the length-biased weighted new quasi lindley distribution (LBWNQLD). Length biased distribution is a special case of weighted distribution. The different structural properties of the newly proposed distribution are derived and the model parameters are estimated by using the method of maximum likelihood estimation and also the Fisher’s information matrix have been discussed. Finally, applications to real life two data sets are presented for illustration.


Weighted distribution New quasi lindley distribution Order Statistics Maximum likelihood estimation Reliability Analysis Entropies

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Rashid A. Ganaie, Annamalai University

Department of Statistics

Ph.d Research Scholar

V. Rajagopalan, Annamalai University

Department of Statistics


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Ganaie, R. A., & Rajagopalan, V. (2021). Length biased Weighted New Quasi Lindley Distribution: Statistical Properties and Applications. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 17(1), 123-136.


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