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In this paper, a new mixed negative binomial (NB) distribution named as negative binomial-weighted Garima (NB-WG) distribution has been introduced for modeling count data. Two special cases of the formulation distribution including negative binomial- Garima (NB-G) and negative binomial-size biased Garima (NB-SBG) are obtained by setting the specified parameter. Some statistical properties such as the factorial moments, the first four moments, variance and skewness have also been derived. Parameter estimation is implemented using maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) and real data sets are discussed to demonstrate the usefulness and applicability of the proposed distribution.


Mixed negative binomial distribution weighted Garima distribution negative binomial-weighted Garima distribution overdispersion count data

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Pornpop Saengthong, Institute for Research and Academic Services, Assumption University

Statistician, Institute for Research and Academic Services, Assumption University

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Bodhisuwan, W., & Saengthong, P. (2020). The Negative Binomial – Weighted Garima Distribution: Model, Properties and Applications. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 16(1), 1-10.