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In this paper, the shape parameters, reliability and hazard rate functions of the inverted Kumaraswamy distribution are estimated using maximum likelihood and Bayesian methods based on dual generalized order statistics. The Bayes estimators are derived under the squared error loss function as a symmetric loss function and the linear-exponential loss function as an asymmetric loss function based on dual generalized order statistics. Confidence and credible intervals for the parameters, reliability and hazard rate functions are obtained. All results are specialized to lower record values, also a numerical study is presented to illustrate the theoretical procedures.


Inverted Kumaraswamy distribution Maximum likelihood estimation Bayesian estimation Lower records Monte Carlo simulation.

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EL-Helbawy, A. A.-A., AL-Dayian, G. R., & Abd AL-Fattah, A. M. (2020). Statistical Inference for Inverted Kumaraswamy Distribution Based on Dual Generalized Order Statistics. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 16(4), 649-660.


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