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The combination of generalization Type-I hybrid censoring and generalization Type-II hybrid censoring schemes, scheme creates a new censoring called a Unified hybrid censoring scheme. Therefore, in this study, the E-Bayesian estimation of parameters of the inverse Weibull (IW) distribution is obtained under the unified hybrid censoring scheme, and the efficiency of the proposed method was compared with the Bayesian estimator using Monte Carlo simulation and a real data set.


E-Bayesian estimation Unified hybrid censoring scheme Inverse Weibull distribution

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Yaghoobzadeh Shahrastani, S., & Makhdoom, I. (2021). Estimating E-Bayesian of Parameters of Inverse Weibull Distribution Using an Unified Hybrid Censoring Scheme. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 17(1), 113-122.


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