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We proposed an alternative two-phase stratified ranked set sampling. A comparison of the performances of the proposed estimators made by simulation studies using both real tree data collected by Platt et al. (1988) and generated bivariate normal data. It is found that the proposed two-phase stratified regression estimator fares better than those of the naive and Yu and Lam (1997) estimators.


Order statistics ranked set sampling relative efficiency sampling with replacement two-phase sampling

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Raghunath Arnab, Department of Statistics, University of Botswana and Department of Statistics, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Department of Statistics


George Anderson, Department of Computer Science, University of Botswana

Department of Computer Science

(Senior Lecturer)

John Olaomi, University of South Africa

Department of Statistics

(Associate Professor)

B. C. Rodríguez, Department of Statistics and Operations Research, Universidad de Granada

Faculty member
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Arnab, R., Anderson, G., Olaomi, J., & RodríguezB. C. (2019). Stratified Two-Phase Ranked Set Sampling. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 15(4), 867-879.