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Tightened-normal-tightened (TNT) sampling scheme is one of the most frequently used sampling schemes for making decisions about the finished product lots by examining certain samples from the lots. TNT sampling scheme includes two attribute sampling plans, one for tightened inspection and other for normal inspection along with switching rules. This paper introduces a procedure for TNT by incorporating two single sampling plans (SSP) under the conditions of intervened Poisson distribution (IPD) for the lots which may have a possibility of some intervention during the production process. The paper also assesses the performance of the proposed scheme procedure through its operating characteristic curves. Also, the unity value table is provided for certain parameters of specified producer’s risk and consumer’s risk for shop floor conditions. Further, the efficiency of proposed TNT scheme over the individual SSP under the conditions of IPD is demonstrated with illustrations.


Sampling plan Sampling scheme Tightened-normal-tightened sampling scheme single sampling plan intervened Poisson distribution.

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Shahabudheen, A., & Veerakumari, P. (2019). Selection of Tightened-Normal-Tightened sampling scheme under the implications of intervened Poisson distribution. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 15(1), 129-140.