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A new family of distributions called the odd generalized N-H is introduced and studied. Four new special models are presented. Some mathematical properties of the odd generalized N-H family are studied. Explicit expressions for the moments, probability weighted, quantile function, mean deviation, order statistics and Rényi entropy are investigated. Characterizations based on the truncated moments, hazard function and conditional expectations are presented for the generated family. Parameter estimates of the family are obtained based on maximum likelihood procedure. Two real data sets are employed to show the usefulness of the new family.


N-H distribution Order statistics Maximum likelihood estimation.

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Ahmad, Z., Elgarhy, M., Hamedani, G., & Butt, N. S. (2020). Odd Generalized N-H Generated Family of Distributions with Application to Exponential Model. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 16(1), 53-71.