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The analysis and modeling of zero truncated count data is of primary interest in many elds such as engineering, public health, sociology, psychology, epidemiology. Therefore, in this article we have proposed a new and simple structure model, named a zero truncated discrete Lindley distribution. The
distribution contains some submodels and represents a two-component mixture of a zero truncated geometric distribution and a zero truncated negative binomial distribution with certain parameters. Several properties of the distribution are obtained such as mean residual life function, probability generating function, factorial moments, negative moments, moments of residual life function, Bonferroni and Lorenz curves, estimation of parameters, Shannon and Renyi entropies, order statistics with the asymptotic distribution of their extremes and range, a characterization, stochastic ordering and stress-strength parameter. Moreover, the collective risk model is discussed by considering the
proposed distribution as primary distribution and exponential and Erlang distributions as secondary ones. Test and evaluation statistics as well as three real data applications are considered to assess the peformance of the distribution among the most frequently zero truncated discrete probability models.


Characterization Zero truncated generalized Poisson distribution Mean residual life Order statistics Estimation

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Kiani, T. H. (2020). A zero truncated discrete distribution: Theory and applications to count data. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 16(1), 167-190.