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In the present communication, based on two extensions of Shannon entropy cumulative entropy by Rao, et al, 2004 and Kerridge’s inaccuarcy by Kerridge, (1961), we study and obtain some properties of weighted cumulative residual (past) inaccuracy for truncated random variables.‎ Several properties, including monotonicity, bounds and their connections to proportional (reversed) hazard model are obtained for left, right and doubly truncated random variables.‎ ‎‎ ‎


Cumulative residual (past) inaccuracy Inaccuracy measure Interval cumulative residual inaccuracy Weighted interval cumulative residual inaccuracy Proportional (reversed) hazard model.

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Mohammad Khorashadizadeh, University of Birjand

Dept. of Statistics
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Jalayeri, S., & Khorashadizadeh, M. (2017). An Extension of Weighted Cumulative Inaccuracy Measure Based on Doubly Truncation. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 13(1), 103-113.