Published: Mar 24, 2017

Inferences on a Scale Parameter of Bivariate Rayleigh Distribution by Ranked Set Sampling

1-16 Saeid Tahmasebi, Maryam Eskandarzadeh, Zahra Almaspoor

Analysis of Generalized Nonlinear Structural Equation Models by Using Bayesian Approach with Application

17-45 Thanoon Y. Thanoon, Robiah Adnan

A Control Chart for Gamma Distributed Variables Using Repetitive Sampling Scheme

47-61 Nasrullah Khan, Muhammad Aslam, Liaquat Ahmad, Chi-Hyuck Jun

New Characterizations of the Pareto Distribution

63-74 Zohdy Mohamed Nofal, Yehia M. El Gebaly

The Beta Generalized Inverse Weibull Geometric Distribution

75-90 I. Elbatal, Yehia M. El Gebaly, Essam A. Amin

Examining the Conditions that will strengthen the Success of the Iterative Stein-Rule Estimator of The Disturbance Variance in Proxy Model

91-101 Deniz √únal

An Extension of Weighted Cumulative Inaccuracy Measure Based on Doubly Truncation

103-113 Samira Jalayeri, Mohammad Khorashadizadeh

Transmuted Exponentiated Gumbel Distribution (TEGD) and its Application to Water Quality Data

115-126 Deepshikha Deka, Bhanita Das, Bhupen K. Baruah

Model-Assisted Estimation of Population Mean in Two-Stage Cluster Sampling

127-139 Nelson Kiprono Bii, Ouma Christopher Onyango

A Family of Estimators of a Sensitive Variable Using Auxiliary Information in Stratified Random Sampling

141-155 Nadia Mushtaq, Noor Ul Amin, Muhammad Hanif

On Discriminating between Gamma and Log-logistic Distributions in Case of Progressive Type II Censoring

157-183 Elsayed Ahmed Elsherpieny, Hiba Zeyada Muhammed, Noha Usama Mohamed Mohamed Radwan

Mediating Role of Career Commitment in the Relationship of Promotional Opportunities, Rewards and Career Success

185-199 Ahmad Tisman Pasha, Kamal Ab Hamid, Arfan Shahzad

Distributional Results for Dependent Type-II Hybrid Censored Order Statistics

201-210 Abbas Pak, Hamid Dashti

Ordinal Logit and Multilevel Ordinal Logit Models: An Application on Wealth Index MICS-Survey Data

211-226 Muhammad Arfan, Rehan Ahmad Khan Sherwani

Bayesian Analysis of two Censored Shifted Gompertz Mixture Distributions using Informative and Noninformative Priors

227-243 Tabassum Naz Sindhu, Muhammad Aslam, Anum Shafiq