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A maximum likelihood estimator (MLE), a consistent asymptotically normal (CAN) estimator and asymptotic confidence limits for the expected number of customers in the system for a sequential two station, single server system with Poisson input and exponential service, where no queue is allowed in front of station 1 and atmost one customer is allowed to wait between the stations and with blocking are obtained.


CAN estimator - expected number of customers in the system - maximum likelihood estimator - multivariate central limit theorem - Slutsky theorem - tandem queue.

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Vaidya Nathan, Department of Statistics Pondicherry University

Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics


Chandra Sekhar, Loyola College, Chennai

UGC Emeritus Professor, Department of Statistics
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Nathan, V., & Sekhar, C. (2012). Statistical Inference for a two station tandem queue with atmost one customer to wait between the stations. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 8(2), 185-194.