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In this paper, we have introduced a new family of general transmuted distributions and have studied the cubic transmuted family of distributions in detail. This new class of distributions oers more distributional exibility when bi-modality appear in the data sets. Some special members of the proposed cubic transmuted family of distributions have been discussed. We have investigated, in detail, the proposed cubic transmuted family of distributions for parent exponential distribution. The statistical properties along with the reliability behavior for the cubic transmuted exponential distribution have been studied. We have obtained the expressions for single and joint order statistics when a sample is available from the cubic transmuted exponential distribution. Maximum likelihood estimation of parameters for cubic transmuted exponential distribution has also been discussed. We have also discussed the simulation and real data applications of the proposed distribution.

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Rahman, M. M., Al-Zahrani, B., & Shahbaz, M. Q. (2018). New General Transmuted Family of Distributions with Applications. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 14(4), 807-829.