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In this article, a new fuzzy entropy measure of order α is proposed. The fuzzy entropy axiomatic requirements are discussed for the new measure, and an empirical comparison are made with several entropy measures including Shannon, Rényi and Kapur. It turns out, the proposed measure satisfies all axiomatic and outperform the other entropy measures in terms of the fuzziness degree. 


Fuzzy sets Fuzzy Entropy Entropy axiomatic Shannon Entropy

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Mohammad Al-Talib, Yarmouk University

Department of Statistics, Assistant professor

Amjad Al-Nasser, Yarmouk University

Department of Statistics, professor
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Al-Talib, M., & Al-Nasser, A. (2018). New Fuzzy Entropy Measure of Order α. Pakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation Research, 14(4), 831-838.