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Survival analysis is used in various fields for analyzing data involving the duration between two events. It is also known as event history analysis, lifetime data analysis, reliability analysis or time to event analysis. One of the difficulties which arise in this area is the presence of censored data. The lifetime of an individual is censored when it cannot be exactly measured but partial information is available. Different circumstances can produce different types of censoring. The two most common censoring schemes used in life testing experiments are Type-I and Type-II censoring schemes. Hybrid censoring scheme is mixture of Type-I and Type-II censoring scheme. In this paper we consider the estimation of parameters of Lomax distribution based on hybrid censored data. The parameters are estimated by the maximum likelihood and Bayesian methods. The Fisher information matrix has been obtained and it can be used for constructing asymptotic confidence intervals.


Lomax distribution Maximum likelihood estimators Bayesian inferences Asymptotic Variance covariance matrix Type-I censoring Type-II censoring Hybrid censoring scheme.

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Abdallah Mohamed Abdelfattah, Cairo University, Institute of statistical studies & research

Professor of statistics